Harry Potter

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery review and presentation

We will now tell you a little more about the game Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, including the interest of the gems within it. You will understand why it is necessary to have regular to advance in the game. We will also give you our opinion about this album of the saga Harry Potter.


Introducing the game Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery


The game, released on April 25, is developed by Jam City Inc. and published by Social Gaming Network. It is available in French on the App Store and on the Play Store as a free download. 


Harry potter hogwarts mysteries cheats offers you an incredible adventure and obviously full of mysteries. You will play as a sorcerer's apprentice and learn the secrets of witchcraft at the famous Hogwarts School. Spells and magic potions will be your daily routine to complete your exploration of Hogwarts Castle.


Curiosity as a key word, you will be looking for ancient mysteries with the ultimate goal of finding your brother who died a few years ago. 

A fascinating survey therefore opens to you, be up to it!


The importance of gems

Here we will dwell on the importance of gems in the game This resource is essential because it allows to recharge the energy bar. And you will see that during your adventures, energy points disappear very quickly because each action in the game requires a point of energy, whether to fight a monster or learn a magic recipe. The gems can fill your energy bar and continue your exploration as you see fit. 

To get gems, of course, you have to pay! Or use our harry potter hogwarts mysteries cheats trick and get free and unlimited gems.


We will say no more, you understand that gems are essential if you want to live your adventure Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery thoroughly.


Our opinion on the game Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Overall, we liked this Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game on mobile. The proposed adventures are very interesting and we are captivated by this mysterious universe in which we are immersed. The graphics are of good quality and the visual rendering only increases the sensations that the surveys provide. If we were to conclude on this game, and without playing a pun, it looks like it's magic.Our goal is to restore some justice among all players on this type of free-to-play game.


In the end, harry potter hogwarts mysteries cheats is a successful way that has found its audience. An extra reason to use our gem generator in your adventure, forever more mysteries!


We wish you beautiful adventures by regularly enjoying our generator so you never miss gems .